If you are going to prepare a romantic dinner for your loved one, you will have to make a little effort in planning. The choice of dishes, cooking and creating the mood – all this plays an important role in organizing a beautiful, romantic evening. Today we will answer many important questions, “what is a romantic dinner?”, “how to make a dinner romantic?”, “how to set the mood for a romantic dinner?”, “how to plan a romantic dinner at home?”, and will end with a list of romantic dinner ideas for two at home.

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Why is it important to cook a romantic dinner yourself?

Before we list some great romantic dinner recipes, let’s talk about the importance of a romantic dinner. Romance in relationships is an important component. Many women complain about the lack of time: work, life, etc. In the meantime, it’s worth saying that you don’t need special occasions to please your soul mate. The art of romance needs to be shown from time to time if you want to impress your partner.

There are a lot of ideas for a romantic evening and it all depends on your desire, you just need to use your creativity, spend a little time, but in return you will receive gratitude and pleasant emotions. The meaning of a dinner for two is really sensual and it does not require an explanation for a couple who loves to be together. In the list of ideas on how to spend a romantic evening, a romantic dinner is always in the first place. Its convenience is that you can plan it yourself, organize it at home in a cozy atmosphere. Communication takes on a laid-back nature, thus contributing to a relaxed and honest atmosphere. It is indispensable if you want to develop your relationship. This is the best way to add something new and diversify your life together.

You can also consider whether to surprise the partner in advance about the upcoming event or not. On the one hand, a surprise can please them with its unexpectedness, but on the other hand, but the modern pace of life is unpredictable and it is not always easy to be sure that someone will be free at any given point in a day. As a rule, the weekend is most suitable for such events.

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Reasons to make a romantic dinner

Here are just some reasons to make a romantic dinner for your partner.

If you want to impress your partner

Cooking a romantic dinner is a great way to impress your partner. It will not only show your love and affection for them, but also your cooking abilities, and the talent of creating a romantic atmosphere.

It is much more intimate and relaxed than a restaurant dinner

This point is quite a simple one, a romantic dinner at home is much more relaxed and intimate in nature than a dinner at a restaurant.

It can have an immediate continuation

Well, once the dinner is over, you two are (hopefully) pleased with the time you’ve spent together, you can end up having some passionate sex afterward.

Before we list some romantic dinner date ideas, let’s talk about the process of preparing and cooking dinner.

How to cook a good romantic dinner

Cooking dinner is a great way to show your partner your appreciation for them. Having developed an action plan, and with a little effort, anyone can handle a caring, home-style dinner. Follow these tips and you will prepare a romantic dinner in minutes.

Rate your relationship.

How to make a romantic dinner? Before planning a gourmet meal, it would be nice to understand what stage of the relationship you are at. If you are with a partner for a short period of time, cooking unusual food, the preparation of which takes a lot of time, may seem very romantic. If you met your partner last week, the same dinner may look a little flattering. At the beginning of a relationship, it’s best to stick to simple dishes. Also, if you cook a six-course dinner on a second date, imagine how many dishes you have to cook if you are together, in a year or two.

Find out what your partner loves to eat.

You can cook anything, really – count on your opinion. Think a little about the dish, and this will add you more points. You don’t need to be a genius to understand whether your partner is a vegetarian or not, but if you really want to make the dish special, you must go beyond the obvious. For this, preliminary preparation may be necessary – you must listen to it and take notes for yourself. For example, perhaps a couple of months ago, she noted that she liked the Brunswick stew, but she never learned how to cook it. Surprise her by cooking this dish for dinner, and she will be amazed by the fact that you remembered it. In other words, you do not just cook, but also act as an attentive partner.

Find a recipe.

How to prepare a romantic dinner? At this point, you should know what you want to do. Take a cookbook (you probably have one lying around somewhere) or search the Internet. Want to make chicken enchiladas? Just enter the “chicken enchiladas recipe” into the search engine and you will have hundreds of options to choose from. Read the instructions and the list of ingredients and choose a recipe that seems convenient for you to prepare – if the first one you find seems too complicated, keep looking.

Choose accompanying meals.

Depending on what your main dish and how big a product you decide to make, you can add side dishes, salad or dessert. Often, with a first-course recipe, offers of side dishes and wines are included, or you can find a plan for a whole dinner. If there are no suggestions with the recipe found, look for ideas with similar recipes.

Make a shopping list.

A day or two before preparing dinner, check each item in your recipe and see if you have everything in the kitchen. Make sure you have enough of each ingredient, and also check if all of them are edible (1 egg does not replace 3, and rotting vegetables are not the same as fresh ones). In addition, check that you have all the necessary kitchen utensils (you can buy them or, preferably, borrow from someone). If you don’t have something, write it on the shopping list. Make sure your list is detailed – include the required quantity and any other relevant information.

Cook the dish.

Make sure you start cooking early enough for the dish to be cooked on time, but not so early as to wait a few hours. The recipe may indicate the approximate time for preparation of food; If you really don’t know what you are doing, follow the recipe instructions word by word.


A romantic evening with a loved one can be fabulously beautiful or can be spoiled by a bad dinner. What to make for a romantic dinner? Here are some romantic dinner ideas and recipes.

Salmon carpaccio.

Remove the pepper seeds, remove the stalk, cut the pulp into thin strips. Cut the tomato in half and then into slices. Place the vegetables in a pan, fry them for three min., add shrimp, salt, pepper and cook for another three to four min., stirring occasionally. Serve the dish, decorate with some herbs. Serve warm, but when cold, this appetizer is also tasty.

Dorado with vegetables and greens.

What to cook for a romantic dinner? Cook dorado with vegetables and greens. In a blender bowl, place chopped herbs, garlic, a little olive oil, salt, pepper and blend everything to a paste. In a prepared fish carcass, incise the skin in several places. Cover the fish with the prepared paste. Remove the seeds and remove the stalk. Cut tomatoes and peppers into rings. Take a large sheet of foil, put half of pepper and tomato on it, lay down the fish, a bay leaf on vegetables, sprinkle the fish with oil and close the foil in the form of an envelope. Do the same with the second fish and the remaining vegetables. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes.

Rabbit and turkey roast.

Slice the turkey meat into cube-shaped pieces. Chop the rabbit meat into medium slices. Add salt, pepper, other seasonings to taste, and cook them separately for around ten minutes in oil. Chop your herbs, garlic, and onions. Fry them in butter till soft. Chop your vegetables. Lay everything into pots, alternate between ingredients. Pour a mixture of wine and water, one to one, cover ingredients completely. Cook for around one and a half hour at 190 degrees.

Seafood stew.

Do you want to make an easy romantic dinner? Peel the tomato. To do this, it is necessary to lower them briefly in boiling water, after having previously incised the skin crosswise on top. Cut the pulp of tomatoes into small cubes. Remove the pepper seeds, remove the stalk, cut into small cubes. Chop onions and herbs. Chop the fish fillet and squid into medium-sized slices. Fry the onions until soft in oil, add pepper and tomato, add a little more seasoning, and cook for 5 minutes. Add wine, Tabasco, herbs, bring to a boil, place the fish there, cook over low heat for 5 minutes. Add shrimp and squid, cook for another 3 minutes. If necessary, you can add some more salt and pepper at this stage.

So, we described a small number of dishes that can be prepared for dinner for two for a romantic dinner at home. Choose recipes to your liking and cook with love and tenderness, conveying all the feelings that you feel for your beloved partner into your dish. And your romantic evening will definitely be bright and unforgettable!