Losing weight is not easy, but it is much easier and more fun to lose weight together than alone. If you are thinking about getting your partner on a diet, you are on the right track because there are a lot of pluses in joint weight loss. You only need to follow the simplest rules and recommendations and you are at least one step closer to the bodies of your dreams.

  • Join forces

Deciding on joint compliance is the first step to victory in the fight against excess weight. Feeling the support of a loved one, knowing that you are not alone in your aspiration and that your partner is in the same position and shares your problems – all this helps maintain strength and determination to stick to a diet.

  • Set realistic goals

So, you decide to diet together. Now you need to create a weight loss program and plan everything. Both you and your partner should carry out thorough preparatory work, learn about healthy and unhealthy foods, counting calories, controlling portion sizes, and other tricks. This will help you set realistic goals and avoid disappointment due to unfulfilled expectations in the future.

  • Don’t forget about breakfast

If you have breakfast with your partners, try to set a good example for them – eat oatmeal porridge, granola or another healthy dish. Healthy foods are not tasteless. If you are the initiator of this “change”, your partner is likely to follow your example.

  • Reduce portions

For example, let a salmon steak weigh not 200 grams but 100. To prevent it from looking poorly on a plate, increase the portion of the side dish: for example, add broccoli, mashed potatoes with celery, green peas, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes.

  • Take away the bad snacks

People eat sweets and other unhealthy foods when they see them. If marshmallows, chocolate and ice cream are always available, they will be eaten without a doubt. But if you need to get up, get dressed, and go to the store where sweets are sold, it is likely that you will feel lazy and will not go anywhere. Take advantage of this and don’t keep sweets and junk food at home.

  • Use the color

It’s no secret that the human brain responds to bright things faster. If you want to draw the attention of a loved one to healthy food (for example, chopped carrots, celery or almonds), then put it in a bright vase or container.

  • Add fun to the process

Proper nutrition is often associated with restrictions: unsalted oatmeal for breakfast, chicken breast for lunch, cottage cheese for dinner. Try to show your loved one that healthy food is not so dull: cook something with your partner. Joint cooking brings together.

  • Snack on healthy foods

Choose healthy snacks that you and your partner will like. Replace potato chips, crackers and salted nuts with low-fat baked potatoes or biscuits. Try to carry a bag of pre-chopped fresh vegetables (such as carrots) and eat them when you feel hungry.

  • Learn new recipes for low-calorie dishes

To make your diet more interesting, learn new culinary recipes for low-calorie dishes. It will not be difficult, just type the corresponding request in the search engine. Experiment with recipes to find dishes that are firmly in your menu.

  • Buy products together

Joint purchase of products plays a huge role in losing weight because you don’t just buy food but choose healthy and low-calorie foods together, which rallies and gives strength to stay on.

  • Drink water and herbal teas

In order for the joint weight loss program to work, it is very important to stay away from alcohol (or at least limit its consumption) and sugary soft drinks. Feeling thirsty, drink mineral (preferably still) water or herbal tea (green tea, tea with chamomile, lemon, mint, and so on).

  • Learn to eradicate old eating habits

Eating habits are different for men and women. Women usually (though not always) eat more meaningfully, healthy. Men, as a rule, eat a lot of high-calorie foods: pasta, fried foods or sweets. To succeed in losing weight, you both need to change old habits and try to minimize everything that is not good: ready-made food, deep-frying, high-calorie sweets or excess carbohydrates. Eat vegetables and fruits. The more there will be in your daily menu, the better.

  • Fight temptations

Everyone knows how it is sometimes difficult to deny yourself delicious pastries or an evening portion of goodies, especially if watching a movie with chips, chocolate or beer was commonplace for you before. If you decide to completely change your life, lose weight, then you should help each other fight temptations. This is a very difficult task, but it worth it. 

  • Conclude an agreement

Let it be an oral agreement – the promise that you will motivate each other in actions, don’t go out of this way and don’t succumb to temptations (even if it is difficult). Thus, it will be much easier for you to resist, feeling responsible.